Grown Up Slushy

Or,  "what to do with all that left over red wine"

Here's your opportunity to open that bottle by yourself...heck, even us grown ups deserve a slushy now and again. This recipe by Honestly Yum is well, honestly yum. So open that bottle, pour yourself a glass and get to work!

photo via Honestly Yum

photo via Honestly Yum

Red Wine Granita with Vanilla Ice Cream


·       1/2 bottle of red wine

·       1/3 cup of sugar

·       1 cup of water

·       1 pint of vanilla bean ice cream


·       Pour half a bottle of wine in a large baking dish.

·       In a small pot, heat the water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Pour sugar-water mixture into the baking dish and combine with the wine.

·       Place in the freezer and after one hour scrape the sides with a fork, bringing the ice crystals to the middle. Repeat this process every 30 minutes. The whole process takes around 4 hours.

To assemble the dessert, place one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in a small glass and top with heaping spoonfuls of the granita

Happy Mother's Day

*or how to look like you've slaved all day in the kitchen when you haven't.

Sorry mom, I do love'll see...

Easiest Eggs Benny Ever

Recipe by Jennifer Rubell/


image via

image via

This is one of those recipes that stay with you forever. You know, the ones that look complicated but are shockingly easy, look amazing and taste even better. Pretty much what I would call a miracle...

what you’ll need:

  • no-stick cooking spray

  • 12 eggs

  • 12 slices Canadian bacon

  • 6 tablespoons butter, softened
    benny sauce*

  • snipped chives, for garnish

  • silicone muffin trays

*benny sauce

  • 1⁄2cup mayonnaise

  • 2tbsp. Dijon mustard

  • 1tsp. cayenne pepper

  • 1tsp. lemon juice, freshly squeezed

  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

See, nothing too it. Now go and set a pretty table and make mom a good, strong cup (or 2) of coffee. 

All images via

All images via

i love you mom

I Never Promised You An Herb Garden

I don't have a green thumb. Quite the opposite in fact...

Yup, I'm a confessed plant way of extreme neglect (thankfully most days I remember to feed and water my children). Every summer I try my hand at keeping an herb garden and every year it's pretty much the same outcome: inedible dried out little bits of former greenery within about 3 weeks.

Image: British herbs

Image: British herbs

This year will be different

Perhaps I'm inspired by all the fabulous house plants I'm seeing these days (in case you haven't heard the "plant lady" is the new "cat lady"). Gorgeous greenery in fantastic pots a la The Jungalow are everywhere you look. As of late, I've actually managed to keep a succulent alive for over 2 months. Some might call this "no big deal", but I call it "a breakthrough". This success has lead me to renewed enthusiasm on the herb garden front...and a much needed boost of plant confidence. I have decided that if I'm really going to make this work I need to make the herbs an actual garden feature. In other words, no more leaving them in plastic containers and plopping them on the deck. Which, no doubt, has contributed to my gross negligence: who the heck wants to look at that? No, this year I'm willing to break out some sweat equity and try my hand at an herb garden DIY.

Herbs everywhere will thank me


Check this out - an inbox for plants. Very"rustic chic"...

Image: via Pinterest

Image: via Pinterest

Or how about this planter - I could imagine it inside all year, couldn't you? And if you really want to get your "Jungalow" on, then take this concept, get out your macrame and go for it!

Image: Pioneer Settler

Image: Pioneer Settler

Another great idea from Pioneer Settler. BTW, who knew pioneers were so damn chic? 

Image: Pioneer Settler

Image: Pioneer Settler

Yup, it's official...

This year I'm going to get my DIY on...

P.S. Any suggestions or helpful tips are welcome.

P.S.S. If you'd like to come and build it for me that is also welcome.

P.S.S.S. I'm not that good at D.I.Y.

Mint Green?

It seems as if Mint is in the air these days...

No, not the fresh smell of mint we associate with soothing tea or squeaky clean teeth. The mint I'm talkin' about is mint green, as in the colour. As in "I lived through this in the 80's" mint green. But flashbacks aside, mint green is looking, well, rather fresh...

Check out this example from Scandi stylist and writer Emma Persson Lagerberg. I don't know about you, but...


source: Remodelisa

source: Remodelisa

What makes this kitchen genius is the use of mint green in an otherwise restrained space. Flat front cabinets, single edge marble countertop and matching backsplash along with a razor thin floating shelf give it a decidedly modern vibe. The rustic furniture and painted floor soften the space and the "hip factor" is evident in the brilliant task lighting and accessories. Perfection!

Here's another minty fresh kitchen I can't get enough of. Who would have thought to pair mint green and navy blue? I wish I knew so I could thank them...

source: Desire to Inspire

source: Desire to Inspire

Mint can also be moody...

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Ok, so still not sure you can commit? I get it. Could you at least do mint green tiles

source: The Creative Life Blog

source: The Creative Life Blog

Still too minty? Bar stools perhaps?

source: Pinteret

source: Pinteret

Well if mint's not your jam but you'd like to add a little something to the mix...

I know, bad pun. But seriously, could you do mint?

Rug Love

I happen to love rugs in kitchens. I know I'm not alone. They stare back at me from images in shelter mags, blogs, Pins and zillions of IG posts.

So then why the resistance folks? 

I get it, it's the "clean factor" - the idea of the ground in food; the image of a toddler with a bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce on his head. You know, the type of food dirt only a dog can erase. OK, I agree spaghetti in the hands of a toddler can pretty much ruin anything...except, I would argue, a good wool rug...

Here's an example (above) from one of my fav's - L.A. based "it girl" designer Amber Lewis. This gal loves her rugs. And hey, what's not to love? This rug totally pulls the kitchen together. Without it, it would still be nice - the gorgeous marble and stunning deep green cabinets alone won me over. But the rug, well, it adds the "wow factor". 

Another example of "pullin' it together" with a rug. True, a stand alone classic kitchen, beautifully appointed. But without the rug? Kinda like peanut butter without the jam...

A warm modern beauty. But without the rug the floors and drawer fronts would almost cancel each other out. I dare you to find the meat sauce on this...

OK. So we've established I like rugs in kitchens. 

So why trust me? I get it, designers are always pushing for beauty over practicality, right? Well, OK, sometimes. But honestly, I speak from experience - the right rug is practical in a kitchen! Here's an oldie but a goodie - a shot from my first ever Style at Home editorial in one of my former kitchens. I insisted on hardwood in the kitchen, which for me, was the wrong choice. It's not that I'm a messy cook, but I somehow get water everywhere. It was ruining the hardwood. I put the rug down as a stop gap until I got the floors refinished and low and behold, I loved it! A deep red Persian, it did not show one speck of dirt, kept my feet cosy and added a much needed punch of colour and texture to the kitchen. LOVE!


Here's a link if you want to see more:

Some more lovely pics to help make my case...

Just in case you still don't think this is a good idea, I went right to a serious pro: Alexandra Yaphe of Y&Co CARPET & TEXTILES (

"I love a rugs in kitchens. I have an antique Kelim in my kitchen in-between the island and my stove. I think if chosen properly a carpet can bring warmth, character and comfort to a kitchen"  

According to Alexandra, as long as you avoid natural rugs like sisals (which can't be cleaned) there are tons of great options. Wool or nylon are fine with professional cleaning from time to time, and there are even some great looking woven vinyls/PVC to choose from. 

One last image to leave you with:

Now go and get yourself a rug...


What is a Modern Kitchen?

It recently dawned on me that the "modern kitchen" has become very inclusive these days. 

It all started when I was consistently having trouble figuring out where to put certain Pins. You see, I have a board I call "Warm Modern". In it are pictures of - you got it - modern kitchens. The reason I added "warm" into the mix, was that I didn't want those "modern" haters to quickly reject the idea of a modern kitchen. When you add woods such as walnut or art and textiles into the mix, the idea of the cold, sterile modern kitchen suddenly starts to well, warm itself up. However, it got to the point where even I was getting a bit confused. What's a kitchen designer to do my friends?   

No longer does "modern" apply only to the sleekest of the sleek; the Bulthaup, Scavolini and Poggenpohl of our kitchen world (you know, "visions of architects danced in their heads"). Nope, now we have to consider "boho modern", "modern country" and even the "classic meets modern" mash-up which has been much adored of late. And let us not forget one of my personal favs "midcentury modern". You see, it's just not so straightforward anymore. Not that I'm complaining mind you (other than trying to figure out where to put my Pins). 

Here is a prime example: Modern? Check! But hey...Farmhouse? Yup! So, like "Modern Farmhouse"? You get the point.

Another example of this look...or wait a sec, is it more "Rustic Modern"?

Rustic Modern again, or a bit more "Boho"?

How about this kitchen - a look I often refer to as "Dwell Modern" (after the mag of course).

"Dwell Modern" again? Or something else altogether?

Add some tongue and groove, modernist pendant lights, open shelves and a funky piece of art and...what kinda modern are you? I don't know, but I sure like ya...

Perhaps an homage to "Mid Mod"? Yes please!

"Classic Modern"? 

"Modern Modern"? 

Well, I don't know if any of you are are as confused as I am...

But seriously folks, I guess this just illustrates that there are so many "moderns" to choose from. This is a good thing . It just means there is way more to love about Modern Kitchens. It also means I have to reorganize my Pins...