What is a Modern Kitchen?

It recently dawned on me that the "modern kitchen" has become very inclusive these days. 

It all started when I was consistently having trouble figuring out where to put certain Pins. You see, I have a board I call "Warm Modern". In it are pictures of - you got it - modern kitchens. The reason I added "warm" into the mix, was that I didn't want those "modern" haters to quickly reject the idea of a modern kitchen. When you add woods such as walnut or art and textiles into the mix, the idea of the cold, sterile modern kitchen suddenly starts to well, warm itself up. However, it got to the point where even I was getting a bit confused. What's a kitchen designer to do my friends?   

No longer does "modern" apply only to the sleekest of the sleek; the Bulthaup, Scavolini and Poggenpohl of our kitchen world (you know, "visions of architects danced in their heads"). Nope, now we have to consider "boho modern", "modern country" and even the "classic meets modern" mash-up which has been much adored of late. And let us not forget one of my personal favs "midcentury modern". You see, it's just not so straightforward anymore. Not that I'm complaining mind you (other than trying to figure out where to put my Pins). 

Here is a prime example: Modern? Check! But hey...Farmhouse? Yup! So, like "Modern Farmhouse"? You get the point.

Another example of this look...or wait a sec, is it more "Rustic Modern"?

Rustic Modern again, or a bit more "Boho"?

How about this kitchen - a look I often refer to as "Dwell Modern" (after the mag of course).

"Dwell Modern" again? Or something else altogether?

Add some tongue and groove, modernist pendant lights, open shelves and a funky piece of art and...what kinda modern are you? I don't know, but I sure like ya...

Perhaps an homage to "Mid Mod"? Yes please!

"Classic Modern"? 

"Modern Modern"? 

Well, I don't know if any of you are are as confused as I am...

But seriously folks, I guess this just illustrates that there are so many "moderns" to choose from. This is a good thing . It just means there is way more to love about Modern Kitchens. It also means I have to reorganize my Pins...